How do I send coins to other users?

To send coins use the chat command "/send [steam64id] [amount]".

For example, to send 100 coins to steam64id 76561198160884702 you'd type "/send 76561198160884702 100".

Alternatively right click the person's avatar in chat and select "Send coins".

To find your steam64id you can use sites like

How do I get more coins? Can I have free coins?

Coins are obtained by depositing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins.

If you've already activated used the free 500 coins with the help of a promo code, the only way to get more coins is by depositing skins.

DO NOT contact support asking for coins.

How do I create a custom referral code?

To create your own referral code, visit the Affiliates page.

I accepted the trade offer but never got coins!?

Once you've accepted the trade offer you should click the green "Check Status" button on the deposit page.

If you still get an error that you didn't accept the trade offer then just try again in a few minutes.

If this problem is not solved in an hour, write to the support and mention all the data from the exchange with the page history of exchanges or attach a screenshot of the steam trade offer that you've accepted, make sure it contains the message from our bot!

An error occurred while sending the offer of exchange.

Make sure that your mobile authenticator is attached to this account and that you have it for more than 15 days (for a deposit). Verify that your profile and inventory on Steam is public. Make sure that the item is still valid. Make sure that the Steam platform is not experiencing problems in inventories (Player Inventories - Normal) and the steam community (Steam Community - Normal). To check the status, use the platform

If you believe that all the above mentioned problems do not concern you, then please try creating the exchange a few more times at a different time.

If the problem is not solved in an hour, then please contact support our support.